About us

We are Bödecker Ernst & Partner

We are an independent firm of lawyers and tax advisors. We focus on providing services in relation to the structuring, establishment, marketing, and operation of investment funds and investment products. Our disciplined focus and experience makes us a leader in advising the global investment management industry. We have clients in Germany, Luxembourg, the USA, the UK, Singapore and other financial hubs worldwide.

We have offices in Duesseldorf and Luxembourg. Duesseldorf is the capital of North-Rhine-Westphalia and located in the Rhine-Ruhr Area. The Rhine-Ruhr Area can boast the highest GDP of all metropolitan regions in Germany and is both an international business and finance center. Luxembourg is the largest investment fund center in Europe and the second largest in the world after the US.

Our partners and associates have gained their experience and knowledge with Big Law and Big Four. By creating an independent consulting firm, we are able to offer our clients advice of the highest quality by our most senior attorneys and tax advisors.

We Are Specialized

We are focused on Investment Management

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do! Our focus lies in providing legal and tax advice around investment management. We have deliberately chosen not to be a full-service law firm. Our specialization allows us to be the best in our core areas of expertise.

In our core areas, our firm offers comprehensive advice: partnership law, regulatory and tax law, fund structures and other investment products, and specific requirements of certain industry groups. We not only give you accurate directions; we bring you safely up hill and down dale.

We advise fund sponsors and issuers of investment products. Within our Finance practice we focus on asset based finance, real estate finance and other project finance. German pension funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors also form part of our client base, particularly in the areas of regulatory and tax advice on alternative investments. We advise on real estate and all facets thereof. Our experience in real estate and M&A transactions, acquisition structuring and due diligence ensures that you are in the best of hands. Our Treasury practice advises on all aspects of financing of companies, debt issuance and cash management.

International tax is our bread and butter. We cover all aspects of cross-border taxation, from local German tax laws to double tax treaties. We can also represent you in court or act as your primary contact with local tax authorities.

We are able to advise you on the initial structuring of your investment as well as on any legal or tax issues, including tax and regulatory compliance, which may arise during the lifetime of the fund. Should you need tax advice on general issues or on highly specialised issues in connection with your financial investments – we are the right choice for you.

Digital Strategy

Shaping the future

We see the increasing digitization of all work processes as an opportunity to provide our consulting services to our clients more efficiently and perfectly tailored to their needs. That is why we are pursuing an active digital strategy. This means that we are not only reacting to the needs of a changing world, but are also actively participating in shaping it.

This not only applies to our internal workflows, but also to the collaboration with our clients in particular. We use state-of-the-art digital solutions and invest in the development of our own digital products.

Our experience shows that high-quality software solutions for experts emerge only from the professional practice of these experts. We therefore began developing our own innovative software solutions specifically for the areas of our specialization at an early stage. In addition to our professional expertise, we also have the technical expertise within our firm. This allows us to offer flexibility and speed, which are prerequisites for the development of innovations. Find out more about our digital products.

Of course, the security of sensitive data has priority. Our employees are trained intensively so that technology is not only available, but can also be operated. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Network

Worldwide Collaboration

Our commitment to clients does not know any boundaries. In the event our clients need professional advice beyond our core areas or from other jurisdictions, we can offer a network of colleagues who meet our high professional standards. We successfully collaborate with lawyers and tax advisors from within our network on a variety of projects, be it a financial due diligence or a cross-border transaction involving multiple jurisdictions. Our network is not based on contracts and paper; it is based on trust and strong ties to the best partners in law firms and consulting firms worldwide.

bepartners Network

We continuously cultivate and maintain these networks. We have ongoing professional contact with partners from these firms and involvement in domestic and international organizations. We are members in the following organizations:

  • Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry
  • Deutsche Steuerjuristische Gesellschaft
  • European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV)
  • International Bar Association
  • International Fiscal Association
  • Forum Kapitalmarktinstrumente - Kapitalmarktfinanzierung e. V.
  • Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft für Betriebswirtschaft


We are bepartners

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Life and Work

Our View

Quality advice requires personality; we do not want automatons. Our partners and associates do not merely state the current prevailing and dissenting opinions; they take a position. That's our understanding of sound advice! Taking a position requires experience and a backbone. We give our associates the time and support needed to develop both their professional skills as well as their personal growth.

What we do, we do for our clients. Bonus payments are therefore dependent on the client's satisfaction and not on the profitability of individual employees. We always strive to be just that much better in order to offer our clients more than merely average advice.

We continue to pursue our goals steadily. The majority of our team members have worked together for over ten years. The majority of our clients have been with us for many years. We know our clients, and our clients know us. That makes us a reliable partner.

Both partners and associates have the opportunity to work part-time. We offer part-time employment not because of our responsibility to families or consideration for this day and age; we do this because team work, superior organization and technical support makes this possible without any disadvantages to our clients.



We Are Looking for Colleagues – Not Subordinates

We are a stable team and our employees work with us, not for us. Employee turnover is low. Each employee is valued from the start.

All employees enjoy the same office infrastructure. Each employee immediately has direct client contact and is a visable representative of our firm. Our hierarchy is flat: associate, partner or principal.

Your First Years in Our Team

As a new member in our team you will work during your first year in each of our seven core areas of practice side-by-side with each of our partners and principals. After four months, a partner will conduct an in-depth performance review, in addition to our annual performance review. After three years, we will help you to choose one of the firm's areas of practice in which you wish to specialize. We will support you to become a recognized advisor in your chosen field.

Work-Life Balance

Flexible working hours as associate or as partner? No problem! We also look for those outstanding colleagues who don't see any career prospects in traditional advisory firms due to their life choices. Our technical equipment allows us to work all over the globe - provided you have an electrical socket and internet access. Our team spirit and organization give us the flexibility of part-time employment in almost all of our areas of practice.

Exams and Personal Development

We provide financial support and extra vacation days for the preparation for professional exams, such as certified tax advisor or certified specialist attorney. Our firm has its own training program for supporting the development of social competence. Professional competence is further supported through participation in internal or external training courses and seminars.

Fully Equipped - Everywhere!

Our office infrastructure is designed for flexible work models and part-time employment. All of our work files are stored electronically and each work station has video-chat. Laptops can be linked to the firm's network via secure connections. This allows our associates, principals and partners to access all work resources while on the road or at home. We use Wikis and Weblogs to optimize our collaboration. Whereever you may be, you are fully integrated into the firm.

Administrative and technical services

Office infrastructure is the same for all. Differences exist only where needed. Annual performance reviews as well as participation in training programs for the development of social competence also apply to support and management services.


Have we aroused your interest? If so, please contact office@bepartners.pro.